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Hello, Marhaba, Bonjour!


An entrepreneur, mother, soulful changemaker and business mentor, traditional Moroccan postpartum trainer, writer and philanthropist.

A kindred soul with a fierce passion to helping you rise up and live authentically, love whole-heartedly, laugh loudly and lead soulfully!


I have 2 missions:

To revive, reclaim and restore sacred and ancient Moroccan postpartum healing, to document the wisdom and keep it alive

To support heart-centred birthworkers and women's wellness professionals, like you, create impact, influence and income in a soulful business and life you


Sacred womb steam

(Traditional Moroccan Recipe)

With blessings you now have the honour to discover and try (for free) a sacred womb steaming recipe from Rahma, a traditional midwife in Morocco, who comes from a lineage of at least 4 generations of healers and qablas.

Revive, Reclaim, Restore!


How it all began...

In 2015, my 1 year old and I founded and created the first International Natural Birth & Breastfeeding Conference in the UAE, the first event of its kind in the GCC region, under patronage of H.E. Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi...after my negative birth experience.

In 4 years I created, launched and fully-booked over 1,000 paying clients, 3 retreats, 2 conferences, 6 workshops, 2 teacher trainings, international speakers, an online summit, over 30 sponsors, a successful online training launch and participants from around the globe. I did this with 3 pregnancies, births & babies.

I proudly worked with
traditional Moroccan Midwives,
Dr. Sheena Byrom, Ina May Gaskin, Dr. Jack Newman, Janet Balaskas, Nancy Mohrbacher, Gail Tully, Katherine Graves and many
more diverse women around the globe.


Why I do what i do...

I was born in England and moved to Morocco (country of origin) with my parents and siblings when I was about 6 years old. I then lived in Tangier, Morocco until I was 18. Both of my grandmothers, my mother, many of my aunts and other Moroccan women either had no education at all or a basic primary education; this always bothered me because even though some of them had their own small businesses, their lack of education affected them personally, such as my mother who always wished that her parents encouraged her to go to school.

I heard and still hear story after story of women suffering, women having to work day and night to provide for their families alone, women having to live day to day just to put food on the table without ever being able to realise their dreams and desires and women who against all odds rise up and start their own small business, like both of my grandmothers Amina and Fatima.


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Layla B.

TNPS By Layla B., is our signature Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Birthworker Certification Training, for women who want to serve nafsa's (new mothers) in their community using Traditional & Indigenous Moroccan Postpartum Medicine and change the international postpartum vibe.

(World's first training of its kind / Online / Inclusive to all women / Appropriation-free)


Tribal Sisterhood Retreat - Morocco

A retreat exclusively for women to dream, do and discover, establish a sisterhood and learn about sacred postpartum traditions and certify as a traditional postpartum birthworker. 

Ibn Battuta, world famous Moroccan explorer and scholar, said "traveling-it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller".

There is nothing quite like hanging out with other sisters from around the world, relaxing in our private-pool villa, eating nourishing food from our home cook, nurturing ourselves in the hamam, wondering through the mystical streets, dancing with the locals and sharing stories with traditional midwives.

Want to join the journey & become a storyteller?


Mothers of morocco

I have the privilege to study with traditional Moroccan midwives & healers and teach about Moroccan nafsas (new mothers).

Nafsa (نفساء) is an arabic word which means a woman who has recently given birth and the period following it, approximately the first forty days.

I am on a mission to REVIVE, RECLAIM & RESTORE Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine.

Every Monday at 5pm UAE time (GMT+4) we share a new episode of #MothersofMorocco, a series of short films, showcasing the birth and postpartum stories of everyday Moroccan women (Season 1 is now over. Season 2 will air in October 2018)


When you give, you receive more.

Our work always looks at ways to give back and support other women; we always have and always will.

When you invest in yourself and buy from us, know that you are changing the lives of others too.