I am Layla B.

An entrepreneur, mother, soulful changemaker and business mentor, traditional Mororccan postpartum trainer, writer and philanthropist.

A kindred soul with a fierce passion to helping you rise up and live authentically, love whole-heartedly, laugh loudly and lead soulfully!

My mission is:
To revive, reclaim and restore sacred and ancient Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine, to document the wisdom and keep it alive

To support heart-centred birthworkers and women's wellness professionals, like you, create impact, influence and income in a soulful business and life you

Hover on the boxes below to learn more about me...

Hover on the boxes below to learn more about me...
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My role models.
Twenty one
21 countries explored, many more to come!
Collaborated with Traditional Qablas, Janet Balaskas, Ina May Gaskin, Dr. Jack Newman, Gail Tully, Nancy Mohrbacher, Katharine Graves and Sheena Byrom.
Athlete of the year
Athlete of the year in High School.
Certified as a doula, childbirth educator, active birth teacher, hypnobirthing coach and baby massage instructor.

British, originally Moroccan, apparently 10% Sardinian and 14% Iberian, currently living in Dubai with my Syrian Bedouin husband and a citizen of the world; I am a mother of three who started my current business through passion and determination to encourage female empowerment, build a global sisterhood and support women like you dream, do and discover whatever you want, because 'Impossible is Nothing' as Muhammad Ali always said!

12 Years: Lived in England.
My husband was born in a tent in the Syrian desert. He is from the Al Nuaimi tribe.
Worked as an intern with the model Caprice.
Most boring year ever
When I worked as a treasury control analyst at Morgan Stanley: Fortune 500 Company.
Studying with traditional Moroccan Qablas (midwives).

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a passion to help women and make a difference in the world. That is probably why I wanted to be a Doctor, ran a marathon in Ethiopia for charity and always create retreats, initiatives, conferences and projects revolving around women empowerment. 

My tribe is a place open to all women, regardless of age, race, religion, size, dress code, and anything else!

The more diverse the sisterhood, the more unique and experiential it will be.

My grandmothers Amina and Fatima birthed their children at home in Morocco; 9 and 6 each!
Ran a 10k in Ethiopia for charity.
Certificate in diamond grading and theory.
I have a BA (hons) in Accounting with Marketing and French (distinction).
Lived in Morocco for 13 years & 8 in the UAE.

In 2014, the birth of my first child brought about the birth of my new business. I was inspired to play a part in the birth world and went on a journey to set up the first ever International Natural Birth and Breastfeeding Conference in the UAE & GCC, under the patronage of H.E. Sheikha Bodour Bint Sultan Al Qasimi in 2015 and 2016. I did this all while getting pregnant 3 times, giving birth 3 times and having 3 small children.

With no previous experience in the birth world, apart from giving birth and having a negative first experience, my passion was my cause to success. I connected with other birth workers, undertook numerous trainings, combined it with my experience in business and event organising; mixed in a lot of hard work, faith and hustle so that all our conferences, retreats and workshops were fully booked with over 1,000 paying clients and participants from Canada, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Oman, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, Qatar, Uganda, Jordan, the UK, Bahrain, Australia, Malaysia and more!

I have 2 main focuses now:

1. Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine.
I have launched an online sacred postpartum summit, writing a book to document the knowledge, the tribal sisterhood retreat in Morocco, planning the 'Mothers of Morocco' not-profit organisation and have just launched the first international 'Traditional Postpartum Birthworker' online certification training based on Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine.

2. Soulful business mentorship to birthworkers and women's wellness providers to help you create impace, influence and income in a business and life you love.
I have always been entrepreneurial and have been growing my business yearly. My first paid online training program was extremely successful seeing 70 women from around the world sign up, also selling out retreats, events, workshops and conferences. I do this while being a mother to 3, prioritising my self-care and living a soulful life, which is why I want to share this with other like-minded women.

3 children: they are Syrian, British and Moroccan.
Went to the London College of Fashion: MA in Strategic Fashion Marketing (distinction).
UK charity
Have created my own registered UK charity.
Fashion business
Founded and co-created an ethical Moroccan inspired fashion business and showcased during London Fashion Week.
Race Track
Worked at a race track owned by a Prince in Dubai.

I am a modern kind of girl with a traditional soul. I do whatever I love and love what I do without having to fit into any typical moulds. I believe anything is possible with passion, purpose and action!

Throughout my life I have organised dozens of events for charities as a volunteer, as a paid employee and for my own projects; such as fundraising dinners, conferences, sisterhood retreats, fashion shows, parliamentary gatherings, exhibitions, and more.

I am also an ongoing student of wise traditional Moroccan midwives learning more about post-partum traditions and healing techniques and I am writing a book to keep this sacred knowledge alive.

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why i do what i do...


I was born in England and moved to Morocco with my parents and siblings when I was about 6 years old. I then lived in Tangier, Morocco until I was 18. Both of my grandmothers, my mother, many of my aunts and other Moroccan women either had no education at all or a basic primary education; this always bothered me because even though some of them had their own small businesses, their lack of education effected them personally, such as my mother who always wished that her parents encouraged her to go to school.

I heard and still hear story after story of women suffering, women having to work day and night to provide for their families alone, women having to live day to day just to put food on the table without ever being able to realise their dreams and desires and women who against all odds rise up and start their own small business, like both of my grandmothers Amina and Fatima.

My father moved to England when he was only 18 with a few pounds in his pocket and an English vocabulary of about 5 words. He worked extremely hard (and so did my mother when they got married and she moved to England with him), worked any odd job and only visited his family every 2 years, all so he could make something of his life and realise his dreams. With his constant hard work, unshakeable faith in God, strong mindset, grateful attitude and the loving support of my mother; he did it.


Having lived in other countries as I grew up, such as the UK and the UAE, I realised that all of us women need support in some way or the other and it is not only the financial barriers that prevent us from achieving our desires, but our mindset, the work we do on our soul, the way we treat our body and our beliefs.

If women in the most difficult circumstances can rise up, then so can we. I realised that we all have the power within ourselves to get what we want, be happy, nourish our souls and create impact, influence and income.


So here I am, ready to serve you, women from around the world. I do what I do because I want women to be able to stand firm in their own power, I want women to have no fear, I want women to live their life authentically, love wholeheartedly, laugh loudly and lead with soul.

I do what I do because I believe that God has blessed me with opportunities and skills that I need to share, because I want to please God with my positive intentions, help women in their lives and live a meaningful life with purpose; for even a smile is considered as charity.

Enough About Me...
On to you

Through this website, all the free content and paid offerings; my mission is to inspire you to live the life you really want, allow yourself to dream big, create the live experiences of your dreams and do it all soulfully. I also support pre/post natal professionals with learning about sacred traditional Moroccan postpartum wisdom to revive, reclaim and restore it.

I believe that success has about 7.6 billion definitions because each one of us defines it differently. Whether you want to become a millionaire, create a charity, start or grow your business, change your life or whatever it is... I am here for you as long as you do you.

I am an ordinary woman, all I have is a lot of soul and ambition, I never take no for an answer, I always ask and ask again and if I really believe in something I go for it, simple right?!

I am here to share with you my stories honestly and authentically, my successes and failures (come on, life without failures would be kind of boring), my business knowledge and experiences.

When you sign up to recieve any of my free teachings I will add you to my weekly (Tribal Tuesday) newsletter for women only, to share and inspire eachother, it is 100% free and always will be.

Come say hello by email or on Facebook!

With much peace, love and happiness,