Amy Vogelaar


Amy Vogelaar has a BA in Women's Studies from Vassar College, is a Licensed Midwife in Washington State, USA, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a certified Lactation Educator, an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor, a Licensed BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalm™ consultant and is in training to be a licensed Evidence-Based Birth® Instructor.

Amy was awarded a Watson Fellowship in 1992 for a year of independent travel and study of midwifery and woman-centered healthcare in Holland, Sweden, and Central America.

Amy has worked as a sexual health educator and National Training Coordinator with Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern NJ, where she authored a training manual and guidebook for professionals who work with adolescents called, "Positive Encounters: Talking One-to-One with Teens about Contraception and Safer Sex Decisions."

Amy is co-founder of Love Parenting UAE and is passionate about educating and supporting parents and parents-to-be in Dubai. She is dedicated to empowering couples to find their own evidence-based path through birth and the early months and years of parenting. Amy is also a proud mother of 2 girls and has been a resident in Dubai since 2010 and in the Gulf region (Bahrain and Oman) since 2002.