Baidaa Al Ayyar


Baida Al Ayyar
Nationality: Kuwaiti
Doula (Birth Coach/attendant), Childbirth & Breastfeeding Educator

Originally hailing from Kuwait, Baida is a serial expat who has travelled the world, lived in five different countries and backpacked her way through several regions where she volunteered in support of a number of causes. Her work with international communities has fueled her passion for natural healing and led her to develop a profound understanding of the diverse cultural and religious aspects of childbirth in various parts of the world. Her marriage to a Dutch husband with whom she parents a biological and an adoptive child has not only enabled her to further deepen her knowledge of different cultures and religions, but also of family dynamics.

Her extensive training with a cultural and Islamic organization like Amani Birth, has helped her better serve her community in the UAE and in Kuwait, by enabling her to find ways to coach many husbands into becoming supportive birthing partners to their wives in the delivery room.

Baida sees a major need for reform in the traditional maternal health practices around the world. She finds this even more of a necessity in her native and GCC region where she continuously applies her intuitive and outspoken nature to shake things up for the betterment of birth practices and parenting in general.

Beyond offering her birth services, Baida actively supports the Abu Dhabi community by hosting breastfeeding cafés, pampering sessions for new moms, baby shows, birth story circles and Postnatal depression support.

She also recorded the voice overs for the first prayer and meditation CDs of their kind, produced by Amani Birth & Nature's Way and sold globally.

Her drive to make a difference has led her to sometimes offer her services on a pro bono basis because she finds her work to be more of a calling than a profession. She continues to support new birth workers in her field in order to facilitate more care to women in the region.

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