90 Day Mentorship Program
For a Business & Life you love...with soul of course.


I LOVE when women are able to, sort of speak, take their mental arm and reach into another’s heart/my/soul to pull out the buried funk! {like you just did} :)

I read this earlier and I honestly spoke in my head such a long response but kept refining and refining To Find the TRUTH not just excuses {excuse really Means a well planned lie} And this is what I ‘boiled’ It down to is that I’m having an issue with working/putting Intellect with Intuition to = my life’s ‘work’ I feel it takes both and what conflicting aspects they can be.

So much more I can say but agh
Much Love and Laughter to you & yours ♥
Thank You Truly

— Sarah

In 2013 I was pregnant with my first baby, I knew I wanted a natural birth, but I did not really prepare for one. I thought that it would just happen naturally, as it did for my grandmother’s Amina and Fatima who birthed 9 and 6 babies at their homes with traditional midwives. Yet, I did not realise that birthing in a hospital was not going to be as natural as I had wanted, without me being prepared.

I had a negative birth experience. That was the only negative thing about it, because even though it was not great, I became a mother, I had a son and it led me to me being here today.


I know how you feel. You want to change the world. You want to support, empower, educate and encourage women.

That is how I felt and still feel!

From 2014 up until today I combined my business knowledge, event planning experience and new found passion to empower and impact hundreds and thousands of women.

So I hear you and feel you.

You want to make a BIGGER impact in the world.

You want to impact your own life and run a successful business, while avoiding burnout, taking care of yourself (and possibly your family) and living, loving, laughing and leading.

You want to let go of the self-doubt holding you back and start/grow your business and take it to the next level.

You want to live a life set with positive and pure intentions.

I love serving women and I love making money, there is no shame in that; we can do both soulfully and successfully.


JUST DO IT! - A 90 day mentorship program

My mission is that we go on a journey together that provides transformation in your life and business.

We will also sponsor a Moroccan girl-in-need and transform her life because my intention is to make a positive difference in your life, my life and a strangers too.

I share my story of how I created and organised the International Natural Birth and Breastfeeding conference for 2 years in the UAE, brining together hundreds of women from over 20 countries and generating an income of 50,000 GBP from each event. I started this all being completely new in the industry, no contacts, no budget, a baby, being pregnant again, and self employed, but with a deep passion to make a huge difference, impact women, positive intentions and do something not done before.

I have created, launched and hosted my own sell out retreats in Morocco in 2018 and 2019. Also creating, organising and running dozens of successful events throughout my life.

I have launched my first successful online summit in 2018 with over 4,000 subscribers along with my first online course launch which so far has brought in 65 participants. This has been my first ever online launch, and most business experts will tell you that a first launch can usually mean a loss, a break even or a small profit, however I made multiple five figures from this launch alone and on target to make 6 figures for this year in my business; with 3 kids!

20161104_Natural Birth Breast Feeding Conference_Sharjah_cl_lr_157.JPG

The transformation

  • Have no fear! No self-doubt, knowing that you can achieve anything you want to.

  • Mindset and self-care regimens to amplify your business and life.

  • Setting your intentions for your online launch, business and life.

  • Confidence and clarity on the online launch you want to start/grow.

  • Identifying your unique qualities and stories to share with the world to work with more of your ideal clients.

  • Looking at new ideas to enhance your business as a whole, website and brand that are aligned with your message and story.

  • Strategies and techniques to start, launch, host and market your online launch more efficiently.

  • Sharing step by step insight in how I created my own online summit and online launch.
  • Support in creating, designing, and promoting your own online launch here.

  • Managing your life, family, children (perhaps) and business soulfully while enjoying the ride.

  • Clarity on your goals, the holidays you will take, the things you want to buy and the woman you want to be.

The Group Mastermid program includes:

  • Questionnaire assessment

  • A 2 hour group breakthrough call

  • Six 90 minute group mentoring calls (2 per month)

  • Six 1-1 private 1 hour mentoring calls (2 per month)

  • Workbook to define your passion and goals

  • Sponsorship of a girl-in-need in Morocco (all school supplies, clothing and toiletries/sanitary products) for one year!

  • Private FB group for the 3 months

  • The investment

    1,850 GBP


    Wanna go solo soul sister?

    Ok, so if you want all the attention and support for yourself then you can do my 1-1 mentoring program.

    The program includes:

  • Questionnaire assessment

  • A 2 hour breakthrough call

  • Eleven 1-hour mentoring calls (over the 90 days)

  • Customized workbook to define your passion and goals

  • Unlimited access via FB messenger (during working hours)

  • Sponsorship of a girl-in-need in Morocco (all school supplies, clothing and toiletries/sanitary products) for one year!

  • The investment

    2,450 GBP