Krystina Friedlander


Krystina Friedlander is a home birth midwife supporting families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and providing reproductive health services in the greater Boston to Southern Maine region of New England, from the quietest country farm houses to South Boston apartments, from free-standing birth centers to the busiest hospitals. As an herbalist, Krystina works with clients to prepare for pregnancy as well as by addressing a variety of fertility and reproductive health challenges in person and long-distance. Her work is about collaborative care, empowered decision making, and companioning people as they cross transformative thresholds and expand their families in joy. When she's not on call, you'll find her hiking with her daughter in the woods, teaching her about the plants they find along the way.

Krystina has studied with a number of wonderful midwives, herbalists, and others, including Elizabeth Davis, Karen Strange, Gail Tully, as well as Tommy Priester and Madelon Hope at the Boston School of Herbal Studies. She completed an apprenticeship in a Boston-based home birth practice in 2017, and a yearlong clinical placement at a high volume birth center in Concord, NH, in spring 2018, and expects to graduate from the National Midwifery Institute in summer 2018. Find out more about Krystina and her work, sign up for her mailing list, and learn more about her online trainings (beginning summer 2018) at and on Instagram at @BarakaBirth.