Layla K. Feghali


Layla K. Feghali, MSW has a background in traditional healing, "plantcestral" (aka herbal) medicine, community organizing, and mental health. She is a storyteller, community educator, and ancestral re-memberance practitioner who incorporates her knowledge in all these fields to support healing and education in her communities. Her work is dedicated to reviving earth-based ancestral knowledge, with a special emphasis on the re-memberance and restoration of sacred ancestral wisdoms from the SWANA* (aka MENA) region where her own ancestors originate. Her approach emphasizes relationship building, ancestral healing, and honoring the embodied knowledge that lives deep inside our bones and the body of the earth. She is currently based between her ancestral village in Lebanon, and her diasporic home in Tongva (aka Los Angeles, California) where she was born.

You can learn more about her work, her herbal medicine offerings, plantcestral re-memberance classes, embodied research project, and her other offerings at, and visit the online community archival project she hosts at

*SWANA stands for SouthWest Asia and North Africa, a less euro-centric way to describe the region commonly referred to as the Middle East and N. Africa.