Master Your Retreat

(with soul)

90 Day Mentorship Program
For an unforgettable, fully-booked retreat experience.



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Are you dreaming of creating your own soulful experiential retreats and events? I absolutely love creating, designing, organising and fully booking unique retreats which provide long lasting journeys for the women that attend.

I know how you feel. You want to change the world. You want to support, empower, educate and encourage women.

That is how I felt and still feel! From 2014 up until 2016 I combined my business knowledge, event planning experience and new found passion to empower and impact hundreds and thousands of women via my conferences, retreats, events and workshops.

The retreat in the desert was sheer bliss – a fantastic setting, wonderful people participating, not to mention amazing food! The babies, families and kids who were around were a joy to meet as well.


So I hear you and feel you.

You want to make a BIGGER impact in the world.

You want to become a retreat leader, bring women together, live, love, laugh and lead!

You may already be a retreat leader, but want to grow/change/expand your offerings.

You want to impact your own life and run a successful business, while avoiding burnout, taking care of yourself (and possibly your family) and living, loving, laughing and leading.

I love serving women and I love making money, there is no shame in that; we can do both soulfully and successfully.


Then the retreat in the desert! Well, we were blown away with our luxury surroundings, amidst the natural mountains of sand. We felt the impact of the tranquility and pampering almost immediately, and we didn’t want to leave…. The care and attention from each and every member of staff, the 5 star plus food, the pool and backdrop - what more could we ask for? Time to sit and relax, to talk about birth, to share stories….and for all the delegates to learn new yoga techniques from Janet, was the ultimate experience for anyone interested in maternity care.

You have incredible skills Layla, making things happen with your spirit, passion and drive. I feel incredibly lucky to have met you.

— Sheena Byrom

Master Your Retreat (with soul)! - A 90 day mentorship program

My mission is that we go on a journey together so you can grow into a retreat leader, with lots of clarity, clients and confidence in creating an unforgettable and fully-booked experience!

I share my story of how I created and organised the international Natural Birth and Breastfeeding conference for 2 years in the UAE, brining together hundreds of women from over 20 countries and generating an income of 50,000 GBP from each event. I created the first conference being completely new in the industry, no contacts, no budget, a baby, being pregnant again, and self employed, but with positive intentions, a deep passion to make a huge difference, impact women and to meet, learn and spend time with Ina May Gaskin (we spent over a week together).

I also share my story of creating, designing and fully booking local retreats in Dubai (UAE) and international retreats in Morocco. I have experience of brining in facilitators, being a facilitator, lower priced and higher priced retreats, 3 day to 10 day experiences, hosting retreats in hotels, in exclusive 5* luxury desert resorts, in private villas, smaller traditional hotels... and basically the A-Z on retreats generating incomes from 15,000 GBP up to 35,000 GBP and growing.


Layla was very knowledgeable and offered me sound advice. One of the selling points for me seeking advice from Layla was based on Layla's actual experience in the retreat business industry. I would highly recommend working with Layla if you are seeking expertise in this area. Layla's approach was open, honest, constructive and supportive which was exactly what I needed. Thank you Layla ❤

— Nichola

The Transformation

  • Have no fear! No self-doubt, knowing that you can achieve the retreat you desire.

  • Clarity on how retreats will fit into your existing or new business... or whether retreat creation will be your business.

  • Mindset and self-care regimens to amplify your business and life.

  • Confidence in being a retreat leader with soul!

  • Creating unique, soulful and creative experiences for your retreat participants.

  • Identifying your unique qualities and stories to share with the world to work with more of your ideal clients.

  • Looking at new ideas to enhance your retreat and business as a whole, website and brand that are aligned with your message and story.

  • Strategies and techniques to market your retreats more efficiently.

  • Support in creating, designing, and promoting your own retreat/event/workshop.

  • Managing your life, family, children (perhaps) and business soulfully while enjoying the ride.

  • Clarity on your goals, the holidays you will take, the things you want to buy and the woman you want to be.

The program includes:

  • Questionnaire assessment

  • A 2 hour breakthrough call

  • Eleven 1-hour mentoring calls (over the 90 days)

  • Customized workbook to define your passion and goals

  • Sponsorship of a girl-in-need in Morocco (all school supplies, clothing and toiletries/sanitary products) for one year!

  • The investment

    1,850 GBP


    The line up for the Natural Birthing and Breastfeeding Conference was amazing. Two key international professionals, Ina May Gaskin and Jack Newman... I fully believe that the conferences and other events organized by Layla B, will be instrumental in changing both birth and breastfeeding in the Middle East.

    I enjoyed being a part of the conference and sharing my birthing experiences, which was a very powerful inclusion into the programme. This has given me further regional recognition and additional speaker opportunities for which I’m very thankful to Layla for.

    The retreat was a lovely combination of relaxation, socialization with other birthing professionals and up close/personal time with the amazing Ina May Gaskin

    — Nic Bambury

    Wanna go VIP soul sister?

    Ok, I do not like using the word VIP, as all of us are Very Important People, so I am going with the DIAMOND program (I completed a diamond grading course in London many years ago and my father has a gold jewelry store in Morocco, so I do know a thing or two about them).

    Diamond program includes:

  • Questionnaire assessment

  • A 2 hour breakthrough call

  • Eleven 1-hour mentoring calls (over the 90 days)

  • Customized workbook to define your passion and goals

  • Unlimited access via FB messenger (during working hours)

  • Sponsorship of a girl-in-need in Morocco (all school supplies, clothing and toiletries/sanitary products) for one year!

  • 2 day intensive with me live in Dubai (the best way to plan a retreat, is to be on retreat)

  • The 2 days include exclusive mentoring & pampering with me one-one outdoors at a resort style venue (10am-5pm), women’s only beach, Moroccan hamam, mani/pedi, delicious lunches, healthy smoothies, members pool area, sunshine and much more! Sound like a retreat right? Yes, that is the idea! Plus 2 nights in a hotel with breakfast.

  • A handmade sterling silver 'Soulful Sisterhood' bracelet with a small diamond (yes, a real diamond)!

  • The investment

    3,750 GBP


    I was lucky enough to attend the Natural Birth and Breastfeeding Conference in Sharjah along with the retreat and I am still bursting with excitement. It was such a huge privilege to be able to listen to speakers such as Janet Balaskas, Sheena Byron and Nancy Mohrbacher and especially to spend such an intimate time with both Janet and Sheena at the retreat. I really did learn so much. I also loved the range of speakers from across our very own region, great to see we have so many passionate experts here in the Middle East. I so enjoyed meeting and chatting to ladies from literally all over the world, so many interesting stories and an amazing wealth of knowledge. Both the conference and retreat were beautifully organised by Layla. They were well structured, perfectly timed and very welcoming to us all. Thank you Layla for giving us all the opportunity to learn so much and for all your hard work, I know it is appreciated by so many.

    — Nicky Langley

    So thankful to have a visionary like Layla who brings together amazing speakers and amazing birth workers to share and spread our knowledge. We are all committed to restoring normality to birth, but we cannot do it alone. The workshops, retreats and conferences organised by Layla, enable us to meet and work together to make the changes possible. So wonderful to meet ordinary women doing extraordinary things, to be inspired and to add essential skills, tools and wisdom to our birth work. Thank you for making it possible.

    — Karen Wilmot