Mia Scotland


Mia Scotland is a Perinatal Clinical Psychologist and author of “Why Perinatal Depression Matters”. Mia spends her week teaching training courses on the psychology of birth, speaking at conferences, training birth workers in how to identify and treat birth trauma, as well as providing one to one therapy, couples therapy and hypnobirthing from her clinic in Melton Mowbray. She is also a qualified birth doula. She has been treating depression and anxiety for over 25 years, and has specialised in supporting couples through the birthing journey for over 12 years (including treating birth trauma, postnatal depression and tokophobia). Her special interests include compassion focused therapy, evolutionary psychology, and cultural and feminist approaches to psychology. She has three teenage boys, a husband, a dog, three chickens and lives in a house in the country. You may have noticed that you are now imagining things about Mia based on this bio. But, of course, you actually have no idea if your imagination is painting a realistic picture or not. But did you know that the part of your brain that actively imagines how lovely her life is, is the same part that is vulnerable to feeling low and getting postnatal depression. In other words, the part of our brain that naturally compares ourselves to others, can end up finding ourselves falling short, making us vulnerable to low mood and a feeling of not being good enough.