The first online Nourish Her training for new mothers
Based on Indigenous Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine for all women around the world.

الدواء المغربي التقليدي للنفساء

Created & Curated by Layla B.
(with support from traditional Qablas- midwives/receivers)

By the end of this program,
you will have:

  • Deep knowledge on the culture of Moroccan food
  • An abundance of cooking recipes and videos to nourish new mothers (and your own families)
  • Been part of reviving, reclaiming, restoring and re-membering these traditions
  • The ability to support new mothers holistically
  • An international sisterhood to support you
  • A unique & ancient set of skills to add to your business, increase your income and impact more women

About this mini course



NOURISH HER is an online, interactive video based training that teaches ancient and sacred Moroccan medicine of how to NOURISH a new mother.

The training is based on Indigenous and Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine and Healing, straight from the source, focusing on the 'larbeen' الأربعين (forty days) of the Nafsa (new mother)!

This mini training on nourishing the new mother has been taken from our 'The Nafsa Project School' program in order to offer affordable access for those only looking to learn more about nourishing new mothers and learning unique recipes.



Food - a universal language - plays an important role is most cultures and countries. Morocco is defnititely no exception and its cuisine is world-renowned, aromatic, hearty, warming, nourishing and filled with love. With influences from Amazigh, Andalusian Spain, sub-Saharan Africa, Arabia and the Mediterannean; Morocco’s cuisine is a delicious combination of mouthwatering flavours that make it unique.

In Morocco, food is an important part of the culture and life, it brings people together and usually shared by the family on one large plate, using their hands to eat all the goodness. Spices and herbs are the stars in Moroccan cuisine and using them correctly is an art and an adventure.

In this course we will explore Moroccan cuisine, how the nafsa (new mother) is nourished in Morocco and lots of videos of recipes you can follow.



The training is based on 3 core lessons, which consist of easy-to-follow videos (and audio) and supporting documents by Layla B. plus our own cookbook with over 25 recipes, including vegan and vegetarian options (soups, main dishes, porridges, drinks, deserts, etc).

Once you register you will get immediate access to the modules and ALL the bonuses in the membership site forever with all the content. You can take the course at your own pace, at the comfort of your home, whenever you like.

All of the training is online, contained in the private member only site. You can view the training videos/materials as much as you like and connect with other like-minded women in our private FB group.


“It has enriched my life in so many ways!

As an indigenous birth worker, it is very important for me to understand how women across the world have not only survived but thrived through birth over the centuries. Learning traditional Moroccan postpartum medicine has given me extensive insight into how to fully honor mothers during a 40-day period. TNPS not only taught me the how, but the why and by whom. I learned of Morocco’s rich history, diverse influence, and unique location and was able to visualize clearly how all these elements together formed a legacy of honoring the Nafsa (new mother)…and for this I am eternally grateful!”

— Jacquelyn Clemmons, Owner of De La Luz Wellness


Course agenda

Lesson 1
Exploring Moroccan Food
Lesson 2
How the Nafsa (new mother) is Nourished
Lesson 3
Cooking for the Nafsa (new mother)
Supporting Content
Nourish Her Checklist
Supporting Content
Cookbook (over 25 recipes)
Supporting Content
Supporting Content
Qablas (traditional midwifes) take on Nourishing Her
Supporting Content
Download the Videos, PDF Transcripts and Audio Options

Why now & why you need it?

I stood on the airstairs feeling the warm sunshine on my face. Blue skies spread over me, the smell of the ocean humidity in the air – a familiar smell from my home: Morocco.

I walked down the stairs of the airplane onto the tarmac and even with the chaos of towing three children behind me, I managed to enjoy that single moment of relief, a split second to recognize that I was on my land, Tangier, once again.

I was a nfissa, a new mother for the third time and this was the time that I was going to make sure that I had a postpartum experience similar to my ancestors. I had been studying with traditional Moroccan qablas or midwives, learning the welcoming and healing rituals for new mothers.

We made our way to the car park where my uncle Jamal was waiting for us in his car, wearing his green djellaba, traditional dress and stroking his long beard with streaks of white.

We settled in at home and a few days later, I opened the door and was greeted by the familiar face of Qabla (traditional midwife) Amina and her daughter Nabila, bringing an immediate sense of relief to my heart. I had been living abroad in the UK and the UAE since I was eighteen, so any chance to be home and see familiar faces of women deeply rooted in their culture always provides instant relief. We hugged and kissed each other on opposite cheeks over and over again, asking about family and the children.

Then the magic happened.

Nabila began preparing a nourishing warming meal in the kitchen and the aromas spread throughout the home and into our hearts; while Qabla Amina offered me a sacred steam bath with natural herbs, a closing of my bones and belly bind.

This was the day that I knew I had to share this sacred knowledge with the world; respectfully and with blessings.

I knew that the traditional nurturing and nourishing food was a right upon every new mother around the world.

Who should join this course?

All women who

What RECIPES you'll get

  • 5 MAIN DISHES (2 vegan or veg.)
  • 1 SOUP
  • 7 DRINKS
  • 3 BREADS
  • 1 BUTTER
  • 1 DESERT

What the Students Are Cooking

When I was cooking a vegetable soup I was thinking the cook’s mood reflects the taste of a dish. You can add a pinch of joy and a big tablespoon of love to make your meal creation more delicious. Thank you, Layla, your cooking videos with authentic music loaded me in a loving mood of cooking. I hope my family received my love after tasting a very warming vegetable soup.


It was delicious and my husband and children loved it too! I enjoyed cooking very much. The video recipes were super helpful. It was such a delight to see the original technique of how these dishes are made. I’m looking forward to trying out the other Moroccan dishes too!

— viktoria

I really loved learning about the foods. The Nourish Her module was probably my favorite, and I've used almost all the recipes that have been provided.

— Desiree


Join the nourish her course today!

The course and all the bonuses is a real-world value of 2,588 GBP...

however we are offering it all at ONLY:


Elvira's Video Testimonial


We will be donating 5% from all net profits to our Mothers of Morocco fund; supporting sustainable projects in education, training and business to keep the sacred medicine alive and improve/change the medicalised birth culture.



No appropriation was ever done in the making of this course. I, Layla B., am Moroccan, I have lived there, now travel there yearly and my grandmothers and ancestors are Moroccan. All my knowledge is from my experiences, the wise women in my life, the wise women and elders I meet in Morocco and of course the traditional qablas I work with. All the traditional qablas have offered their blessings to share their knowledge worldwide, they are featured on our videos, we say their names, they are paid well and we always give back to them regularly.

By taking this course, your heart can be in peace knowing that you were actually part of reviving, reclaiming and restoring sacred knowledge and not appropriating it. Knowing that you are giving back to poor communities and traditional midwives from taking this course.

Knowing that you are learning directly from the source and making a difference to women's lives in a positive, ethical and real empowering way.


meet your hostess

I am Layla B., a Moroccan mother, on a mission to revive, reclaim, resotre and discover... Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine.

My background has always been in business, events, marketing, banking, charity work and entrepreneurship. I never ever once imagined that I would be in the 'birth' world, but with passion anything is possible.

After the birth of my first child in January 2014, my negative experience led me to learn more about positive birth options and I trained as a childbirth educator, doula, baby massage instructor, hypnobirthing teacher, active birth facilitator and studied with traditional postpartum midwives in Morocco.

My desire to combine my business background with the birth world merged well together, which led me to found and organise international conferences, trainings, workshops and retreats.

I know that when women get together and stand together, great things happen and we can empower, educate and encourage one another.

My main focus now is on traditional Moroccan postpartum traditions; learning more with the local wise women and qablas, curating my tribal sisterhood retreat in Morocco where we learn and experience these traditions and writing a book about it all to keep the knowledge alive.


ready to invest in yourself?

So my sister, are you joining us for the journey?



We have a no-refund policy. The reason being is that the material is all very sacred, therefore we want to avoid anyone joining the course, taking the information they want and then claiming a refund and appropriating the knowledge.
Therefore, please make sure you want to join the course.
We have provided all the info you need on this sales page and FAQ’s, plus you can contact us if you need any more details.
What you read, is what you will get and so much more!
The currency is in US dollars.
This course is for all women. Women ready to serve. Women ready to learn. Women who want a international community and care about the women sharing this sacred wisdom.
Traditionally, all women used to have this knowledge passed on to them, whether they worked in the industry or not.
So, if you are a woman with an interest, a mother, a postpartum doula, doula, midwife, yoga teacher, herbalist, massage instructor, hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing instructor, childbirth educator, psychologist, massage giver, womb woman, fertility specialist or ANYTHING else… as long as you love women, want to support them holistically, respect the culture, want to connect with an international community and ready to be amazed, then this is the place for you :)
Of course you can. All my work is very international and I have women from all around the world at all my conferences, retreats, live events, online courses, summits and more.
The course is also fully online, so all you need is an internet connection and you can join from anywhere in the whole wide world!
You will also be able to download the materials, so even if your internet connection is not stable or you do not have one all the time, that is fine, if you can download all the materials first.
That is fine, if you can read and understand English then you do not have to be fluent.
My tribe is full of women from all over the world so naturally English is not their first language.
We also have the bonus videos, so you can watch as well. As long as you can understand then you will be ok. You could also get the materials translated in your native language if you wish.
All materials will also be available as text and video.
100% absolutely yes.
No appropriation was done in the making of this course or any of our work and no appropriation is allowed by anyone else taking this course.
Yes, this course is inclusive to ALL WOMEN whoever and wherever you are.
Giving back is something that Layla B is very passionate about and this is at the forefront of what we do. We always pay the women who teach us new things a very high wage for their services, along with getting their blessings, we also continue to provide donations to these women on an ongoing basis. We also sponsor girls with their education and order traditional cloths from the artisans directly and pay them more than what they ask.

You will get immediate access to the course - no start or end dates.

Yes, 100% in English

For more info please click on the orange 'contact us' button to submit questions.