Live, Love, Laugh & Lead in a soulful business & life you love

I know you do work that matters. 

You empower, educate & encourage women to do things on their terms and live a healthy, happy life. 

Let me support you on your sacred journey to live a life and lead a business on YOUR terms… with soul (of course). 



Ebook: 4P’s to getting the business and life you want…with soul of course.

I love working with soulful, heart-centered women entrepreneurs (such as creatives, pre/post natal professionals, healers, women's wellness coaches, retreat leaders, birth-keepers), like you, that want to create positive intentions, impact, influence and income in your business and life; without burnout, but with self-care and soul!



I know the work you do is important for the world, I know it is important to you. You are passionate. You are soulful. You want to create MORE positive intentions, impact, influence and income in your life and business. You want to avoid burnout, you want to change the world while making money; getting more clarity, confidence and clients. I am ready to serve you and support you in creating/growing your business over a 90 day period to live authentically, love whole-heatedly, laugh loudly and lead with soul.

I absolutely love working with women face-face; after all my whole business initially started with conferences, events and retreats. So if you want to come chill out with me in sunny Dubai (United Arab Emirates), an amazing modern city of the future, the city of YES, the city that never ceases to amaze; then the diamond package is for you. Basically, it is the same 90 day mentorship program, plus 2 full days mentoring with me in Dubai.

I love everything about retreats, I love bringing women together, I love sitting in a circle together, sharing our Aha moments, seeing the laughter, tears, joy and love. I have spent so many years creating, planning, organising and launching successful events, retreats, conferences, workshops and so on... that it comes naturally to me; yet i know it can be daunting for women starting out in becoming retreat leaders. On numerous occasions I have had other women ask me how I do what I do, how to organise retreats, how to make them experiential and so many more questions...So I have created a 90 day mentoring package to support you in creating, designing, planning and launching you own retreats, with soul and alligned with the life and business you want to lead.