Qabla Fatima


Qabla Fatima.

Fatima was married at the tender age of 14. She was the second wife to her late husband, who passed away only 6 years after she got married to him. She has no children and she never re-married.

After her husband passed away, she continued living with her 'co-wife' who was much older than her and quite poorly, so she took care of her and her son, until the day she died. She still has contact with her step-son and he considers her to be just as his mother.

Fatima used to work at the hamam for 26 years, washing and nurturing women and new mothers. She never learned to read or write (up until this day), she has no midwifery training or family members who were traditional midwives. From a young age she used to attend births and found herself involved in births throughout the small city she lives in.

She believes Allah (God) has blessed her with this gift and talent; so far she has supported about 7,000 births and she still continues to attend births at any time and any day.

She is a very famous traditional midwife in her town and has been awarded several awards from the government for her role in suporting women.