Qabla Rahma


Qabla Rahma

It was a cold winters night in a small town in the North of Morocco. The original qabla was attending a birth in a run down home. She saw a snake in the house. She quietly grabbed it, wrapped it in her clothes and took it outside, as to not create any fear.

The original qabla was Rahma's mother-in-law, who was a Qabla (traditional midwife) and healer. They come from a long line of Qabla's and healers, at least 4 generations, spanning hundreds of years.

Rahma's mother-in-law was called Fatima and she had 8 children, all boys. She passed away about 28 years ago when she was 90. As she had no daughter to pass down her knowledge to, it went to Rahma, her daugher-in-law.

Rahma told me that she was not 'chosen' by her mother-in-law, but that God led her to this path. Rahma has been serving women for 34 years, born in 1957.

Rahma has 6 children, 2 of them are girls. One is married and one is starting university in another city. I asked Rahma if any one of them will be taking over from her, but she said that they are not particularly interested in this work, as the pay is extremely low/non-existent and it is a lot of hard work.