Resource List

These are a few resources that may be beneficial in enhancing your knowledge and work with women. These reading materials are optional and not mandatory.

I do advise you read all the free resources that have been provided through the links which you can also share with your clients when necessary.

I am in the process of writing my book to compliment this course and as a stand alone; you will be the first to know when it is ready.

All the books and resources listed below are in my own personal library and I am not an affiliate with anyone.


Not specific to the postpartum

  • Natural Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet
    By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Akili

  • Active Birth
    By Janet Balaskas

  • The Roar Behind the Silence
    Edited by Sheena Byrom and Soo Downe

  • The Doula Book
    By Marshall Klaus, John Kennell and Phyllis Klaus

  • Breastfeeding Made Simple
    By Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

  • The Secrets of Birth
    By Kicki Hansard

  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility
    By Toni Weschler

  • AMANI Birth
    By Aisha Al Hajjar

  • Business/Inspirational type books

  • Entrepreneur Revolution
    By Daniel Priestley

  • She Means Business
    By Carrie Green

  • The Power
    By Rhonda Byrne

  • The Miracle Morning
    By Hal Elrod

  • The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women
    By Lehla Eldridge

  • Postpartum related

  • Why Postnatal Depression Matters
    By Mia Scotland

  • Natural Health After Birth
    By Aviva Jill Romm

  • Eating for Two
    By Robin Lim

  • The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care
    By Salle Webber (Foreword by Penny Simkin)

  • Birth Traditions and Modern Pregnancy Care
    By Jacqueline Vincent Priya

  • The First Forty Days
    By Heng Ou

  • On Becoming A Mother
    By Brigid McConville

  • Unique books

  • Morocco That Was
    By Walter Harris

  • Traditional Moroccan Cooking
    By Madame Guinaudeau

  • The Handmade Apothercary
    By Vicky Chown and Kim Walker

  • Herbal Remedies
    By Andrew Chevallier

  • Mamatoto
    By The Body Shop Team

  • Natural Remedies of Arabia
    By Robert Lebling and Donna Pepperdine

  • Feminist Traditions in Andalusi-Moroccan Oral Narratives
    By Hasna Labaddy


    You can download the PDF’s and save them once you click on the links. Perhaps printing them and keeping them in a file will also be helpful. These are research pieces by people from around the world, so read them with an open mind and make your own conclusions. You may not agree with everything you read which is fine.

    If you want more reading then you can explore the references in the articles which will lead you to more research.