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What women are saying about TNPS

In my search I found Layla’s course and i cant thank her and her team enough for the resources and knowledge they have provided us with. I am now able to mother new mothers with love from my heart and knowledge and offer services such as closing the bones, nourishing foods for the new mother, this knowledge and practice is most definetly priceless.


Layla's initiatives to help her homeland's keepers of birth such as the Qablas and other women in her community allows us to learn without any appropriation risk.
Closing of the bones ceremony is not only beneficial to the woman's body but nurtures her soul and allows her to recover spiritually. I've learned a lot and cannot wait to use it to celebrate women and heal them.


I want to express how much I have really enjoyed studying traditions through TNPS. It is beautifully organized, easy to navigate, rich, and requires deep reflection on the incredible importance of this work and the need to support women that have given birth on so many levels. I am overall very satisfied and grateful to be a part of the this launch of a course that will contribute to changing the way in which women are cared for postpartum across the globe.


After having my bones closed by a fellow Doula I really hoped for the opportunity to offer this service to my own clients and so was really pleased when you announced this course. It was very interesting to see the similarities and variations between the Moroccan technique and other communities.


I came across this beautiful course and became very emotional and knew that there was a calling. The next day I joined the TNPS sisterhood. I am throughly enjoying the course, it is very informative and interesting with lots and lots of extra free learning webinars. Layla has provided so much information and I love listening to her narrate the modules. I have found that there is a real need for this service in Australia, as most new mothers, Nafsa, have not even heard of such a thing as forty days bed rest. I highly recommend this beautiful, educational and loving course. So much love and gratitude to you Layla B, for bringing this to the world.


Joining the TNPS was such a great decision for me on both a personal as a professional level, being a midwife and post partum care specialist with North African roots. I have learned so much from Layla B and the wonderful Qablas from Morocco, sharing ancient wisdom, knowledge and traditions. With the new skills learned from the TNPS and all the background knowledge -which is as important as learning the skills- I'll be offering these services in my community from this spring on and will be able to serve the new mothers in a more complementary, holistic way. It is a wonderful addition to the Dutch post partum care (called 'kraamzorg') to expand the care beyond the first 8-10 days with more tools and ways to honor, nourish and celebrate the Nafsa. I look forward spreading this in a non appropriative way to serve the new mothers the way they need and deserve, and with that also support the community who has opened up to us and shares this with us all.