Module 1:
Reclaim the postpartum

About this module...
Traditional cultures around the world, including my country Morocco, have been holding onto traditional postpartum medicine for generations, making sure the new mother has a minimum of 40 days rest with lots of support and healing.

This is currently lacking in the West and also declining in some traditional cultures.

The time is now sisters, to reclaim the postpartum.

I know that you, just like me, is passionate about supporting women to have positive birth and postpartum experiences, to stand up for their and our rights and to keep these traditions alive… before they are gone for us all.

The revolution starts now… with you… with us. Women are suffering, women are dying, women are isolated, women have no village.

Today and for the next 5 days let us join together, share and learn from each other to provide options for women and keep all the ancient knowledge alive.

The time is now, to: RECLAIM THE POSTPARTUM
Lesson: Why reclaim the postpartum?

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