JUST DO IT MAMAS! The story of my father, from rags to riches!

May peace be upon you beautiful ladies!

Today we are talking business. Most of you reading this have your own business.

I love business.

Ever since I can remember I was entrepreneurial and was in LOVE with coming up with ideas, launching businesses and JUST DOING IT!

Funny enough, i love the slogan JUST DO IT, which is from the brand, NIKE... when I was about 16 my friend and I came up with an idea that we were going to build the largest NIKE town in all of Africa which would be in Morocco. We made sketches and it was going to have a floor which resembled an aquarium. Of course we did not have the funds then, and now the dream has gone for a Nike town, hehe! 

I believe it was something born in me, that runs through my blood.

My father is entrepreneurial.

I guess I can not talk about myself without talking about my father.

He was born in Morocco, in a small white/blue-washed town called ChefChaouen.

At the age of 18 he embarked on a journey to England to work and make a life for himself. At that time, it was easy to get a work permit as foreign workers were needed.

My father, called Rashid, did not finish high school and left to England with a few pounds in his pocket and only able to say hello and thank you.


Ok, before I carry on, my father was not in rags, lol... I mean he was living with his parents and 8 other siblings, they had a decent home and a decent life. They were not poor, but not wealthy either. When my father went to the UK, he had nothing, and had to make it himself.

He had a tough early life.

Every time he tells me his story, he still recalls the first day, which makes me want to cry...

He went directly to his place of work, which was in a hospital to do cleaning and any odd jobs. He had a small room and remembers being so lonely, confused and most probably scared.

He was there to work and change his life!

He worked hard.

He did anything. He was not embarrassed to wash dishes, clean floors and/or scrub toilets. I think he did so much, that I never see him washing dishes anymore hehe.

He was always doing something extra like buying and selling toys, door-door.

He worked in a paper factory for a few years too and I always recall one story about his work ethic…

It was a snowy and very cold day one morning. It was absolutely impossible to drive to work and too cold and difficult to walk in really high snow. Most of us would be jumping up and down because we would be able to have a paid day off :)

So my father went to work in the snow by foot.

When he arrived the manager was there and was talking to his boss and told him: you see I told you Rachid would come… no one else came.

He was on a mission though.

He was entrepreneurial.

He was clever.

Even though I went to university and studied Accounting as one of my majors, due to my love of maths, I have nothing on my father.

He can calculate anything, is amazing at design and could easily be an amazing architect or engineer :)

Anyways, he saved money, only got to visit his family in Morocco every two years, and got married to my mama when he was about 20.

When he was about 28, he had some savings and decided to start his own business, knowing that was his only chance to make something of his life, as he had no degrees to get a high earning office job.

He also saved money and built his own home from the ground up, in High Wycombe… that is where I was born in 1986 (yes I am 31)!!!

He joined forces with his older brother, who was also in the UK, and opened a fast food restaurant in Slough, UK.

After a few years it was running successfully.

When I ask my father, he humbly says that it is due to God and the blessings He bestowed on him. I agree, but it was also his extremely hard work, risk and wittiness.

Since both my parents did not finish high school, my mother did not even finish primary school, they wanted to give us the best education possible, from their perception. They wanted us to know our culture and learn about Morocco too.

By the age of 32, his business was very successful, to the point that my father, mother and me and my two brothers got to move and live in Morocco, I was 6.

One of his younger brothers had come to the UK and was going to manage the business, while my father travelled back and forth every few months.

I am absolutely GRATEFUL for my parents taking me to live in Morocco, it was a great experience, that lives with me and connects me more to my country.

My father was only 32 and he was able to relax, enjoy a nice lifestyle, send us to private school, drop and pick us up from school every single day from since I was 6 until 18!!

My father has a really good eye for design and always dreamt to have a gold jewelery business.

He had no experience or knowledge in that field, so what did he do?


He Just Did It!


He spent about 10 years researching, learning from videos, saving money and planning his new business.

He did not need to write a 10 page professional business plan, it was all in his head and heart, so it was going to happen.

About 10-12 years later, he opened his store in Tangier, Morocco…

It is called Boubker Bijouterie, selling beautiful gold jewellery and is still open to this day. He is making some silver gifts for my amazing retreat ladies :) Ohh I should create a line of jewellery for birth workers!!!!????

Along the way he has created other businesses, such as building flats in England and renting them out, and he is still currently building houses and planning to take that business to a larger scale of buying and selling properties… he is now 61!

He also helps me with my Tribal sisterhood retreat and does all the admin and logistics for me in Morocco, for free of course :)

My mom and brother tell him to relax and retire...

He loves working, he works on his own hours, he works when he wants, he enjoys working.

He is now doing what he loves and does not consider it work!

What I must say about my father, which is what is most important, he is always humble.

  • No matter what success he has achieved, he is always thankful.

  • As a believer of God, he is always thankful to God.

  • He never is scared of taking risks, ever…

  • He calculates the risk and goes for it.

  • He has failed at many businesses and succeeded at many.

  • He never looks back.

  • He never dwells on things that have happened in the past (unlike my mom).

  • He is always grateful.

  • He is always just and fair.

  • He does things with positive intentions.

  • His mindset is positive, optimistic and JUST DOES IT!






Well I do and he has impacted me.


So I probably love business because of him.


I have also started many businesses, from fashion, to natural beauty products, to online businesses and my most successful business is what I am doing now.


I started in 2014 after the birth of my first baby.


It was the hardest time to run and grow a business having a newborn baby (who never slept), plus being pregnant soon again (with extreme morning sickness for 4-5 months with every pregnancy), giving birth again in 2015, getting pregnant again in 2016 and birth again in 2017!!!


Woooaaaaa, i know, a lot!


But I made it happen as this new business was a passion of mine and I wanted it to succeed, so I made it happen and JUST DID IT!


In 2014 I launched the first ever Natural Birth & Breastfeeding Conference in all of the GCC with H.E. Sheikha Bodour Bint Sultan Al Qasimi as patron of the event, with international famous speakers (Ina May Gaskin, Dr. Newman, Sheena Byrom, Gail Tully, and more, sponsors, partners etc...


In 2 years I had more than 850 paying clients to the conferences alone, organised it fully myself, along with retreats, no previous contacts and with an investment of $100 only!!


I know it is not easy, I never said it will be, but it IS POSSIBLE.


As the late Muhammad Ali said: Impossible is Nothing!




I am telling you, because if my father can DO IT, you can too.


If I can DO IT, so can you.


No matter your circumstance, no matter your situation, no matter your education, no matter if you are a mother or not!!




You do not need a formal business plan (like the ones I spent hours and hours doing at university).


You do not need a formal education (if you have one, that is fine too).


You do not need to have no children and a fancy office to succeed (I am sitting writing this to you in the sitting room, my baby is sleeping in my bed, the 3.5 year old is sitting stuck to me watching a cartoon and my 2 year old is fooling around next to me and just did a poo in her diaper, oops)


You do not need to follow what everyone is doing (being uniques is your best unique selling point (USP) you need to create a business that suits you).


You do not need to make 5-6 figures to be successful (Success is defined differently for each individual and does not only relate to money).


You do not HAVE to wake up at 5am, meditate and do all these rituals on a daily basis that I keep reading about online (if you want to do that, great, but if not that is fine. You need to create a lifestyle that works for you. But definitely eating well, exercising, being positive are all important in order for you to work at your best. Since my babies, I obviously have never yet had a single full night's sleep (maybe two days when I was away in London with my husband), so there is no way that I am staying up from 5am. I do what I can, when I can.






Of course you need a strategy, some marketing know-how, building your tribe, communicating with them, creating an experience for them, doing the work, focusing on your mindset and possibly a coach/mentor for support. 


Work hard.


Work from the heart.


Have good intentions.


Work on your mindset. It all starts with you!


Do what you love.



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