It's Not Woo, Just Normal...

It’s not woo, just normal.

Generations ago women were also giving birth.

The thing is, the postpartum period was quite different to now (birth too, but let me talk about the fourth trimester).

Family, neighbors and friends made sure the new mother (nafsa) was well supported in pregnancy and going into her new mother phase.

Women gathered, brought food, cooked, helped with the baby, laughed, sang, cried, made prayers, washed and closed the new mother using traditional and indigenous healing medicine.

Everyone knew what the new mother needed and provided it to her. A lot of physical touch, rituals and natural healing, as a necessity.

I know this because I am Moroccan by origin, lived there for many years and now teach all about traditional Moroccan postpartum medicine.

I have also been studying and investigating other cultures and it is quite similar, yet different... but it exists.

Women were there for one another and held on to rituals passed down for centuries.

This was normal.

Not woo.

I have nothing against woo and whatever words people want to use.

But the way a new mother should be treated (with all the baths, herbs, food, closing etc) is nothing new or woo(ey), it is just what was normal.

It is still being done in my country, albeit much less than before.

We need to change the way we word and look at things.

Reclaiming the Postpartum and bringing back things to all cultures, which are normal, and exactly what a new mother needs... is what needs to be done.

We do not need to create ‘sexy’ and ‘exotic’ terms to tell people that the postpartum should be a supernatural and woo type experience, just because it has become a trend to offer a closing of the bones or similar.

We all need to learn more together.

Learn why this was done, how it was done, by whom and since when.

We need to know the importance.

We need to reclaim it.

We need to make it normal and let women know they need this... it is not a luxury.

Because it is normal.

Let’s keep it that way!

I do this work because I love it and want to make an impact in the lives of new mothers and those serving them.

I am just a normal, non woo(ey) woman and mother, who loves culture, traditions, but also some Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci sometimes :)

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