My 2018 Highlights and 2019 Plans... WHAT ARE YOURS?

Hello soul sisters!

I pray all is well and that you are having a wonderful 2019!!

It is already 8 days in and I am not really the type to set new resolutions, however I do have goals for 2019 in my personal and professional life. 

I thought to share some highlights of my 2018 and hoping you will too at the end :) 


Finally 2018 has been the year where I have been back to the gym for good after 3 of my own consecutive pregnancies and births. I have been exercising regularly, swimming in the beach and enjoying my time. I have lost about 12 kilos from my last birth 1.5 years ago and almost at my pre-pregnancy weight.

This has been the most important thing for me! 


So, I already had a lovely woman called Imane working with me full time for about one year, who is now also a friend. 

We also hired another amazing Imane who is the executive assistant at Layla B, which has allowed me the extra free time to do what I love. 

Lastly, for the past 6 months I also have a lovely woman called Hafsa who has been working with me full time as a cleaner and nanny, this is bliss and of course has also allowed me the time to do what I love and also increase my income.


2018 was the year that saw The Nafsa Project School come to life. This is my signature postpartum training for professionals based on traditional Moroccan postpartum medicine. 

The first launch was a huge success with currently 70 students enrolled with a multiple 5 figure income launch. 

This just shows you can make money and live the life you want working in the ‘birth-worker’ industry. 


2018 was also the first time we launched our Tribal Sisterhood Retreat in Morocco. It was a magical experience in my beloved country where women gathered from around the world, shared together, learned together and explored. It was such a joy and also a great income stream that we are having another one on June 10-17th 2019. Only 3 spaces left :) Hit reply to get the last spaces. 



It has been amazing securing live 1-1 business mentoring clients here in Dubai. I love sitting with women in the private ladies club supporting them achieve their personal and business goals, while watching the ocean in the background. I love everything online, however nothing beats a good hug, high-fives and sharing a fruit smoothie together.


This year I held my first paid closing the bones workshop in Dubai and one in London. 

Sometimes, it may feel like we have not achieved much, however when you sit and have a think about it, you realise that you probably have done more than what you imagined. 

2019 GOALS

  • Tribal Sisterhood Retreat in Morocco (number 2) 

  • Launch my free online training challenge (coming soon, keep checking your inbox :) 

  • 6 private 1-1 clients for online business mentoring

  • Grow The Nafsa Project School by at least 200 more women from around the world

  • Launch my business program (which has been in my mind for years)

  • Travel to the South of Morocco again

  • Travel to some Mediterranean countries

  • Enroll my 5 year old into Year 1 for school in September

  • More exercise and beach

  • Move home, but still in Dubai

  • Make multiple six figure income by the end of the year

  • Host the 2nd Sacred Postpartum Summit (online)

What have been your biggest achievements in 2018 and plans for 2019?
Hit reply and let me know!  

With lots of love, kindness and blessings,

Layla B. 

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