Why Do You Do What You Do?

I follow my calling…

I have always gone where I felt I should go

Be it:

Studying International Business at uni, switching to Marketing and Accounting, working at Morgan Stanley as a Treasury Control Analyst and then knowing it was NOT for me, doing a Master degree in Strategic Fashion Marketing just because I liked fashion, marketing and going to study on Oxford Street in London… to learning French, all about diamond grading, free charity work and starting a fashion label years ago.

I just go with the flow and what I feel I should do.

After my first birth I felt called to help myself and other women.

I have always involved other women in my work and it has always been a part of why I do what I do.

Through my business I get to firstly employ other women. I currently have 3 full time staff who are women and I learn from other women that I pay.

I get to give back, help other women and impact their lives, just as they have mine.

So, after my second birth I then got called to traditional postpartum work focusing on the culture of my country.

I am originally Moroccan and having not lived there in a while, I have an even deeper calling to share things from my culture, in a respectful way…

I do this as I am called to it, I know it is beneficial to other women, it changes lives, and I get to learn, share and bring women to my beautiful country, to appreciate the good in her, as I do.

So I suppose that I do what I do, as I am meant to do it and it is meant for me.

What an honour and a privilege.

To share my passion for something that impacts women the world over, that connects me with women, elders and sacred knowledge that is being revived, reclaimed and restored.

What an honour and a privilege.

To support other birth workers looking for services they can offer which have a deeper meaning, which have real history, which have stood the test of time, which are indigenous and real.. and most importantly changes their life first.

What an honour and a privilege.

To support new mothers the world over suffering. Suffering in isolation and loneliness, just like my darling mother did when she gave birth to her 3 children (me being the middle one in 1986) in England with no support at all. Her births were not great and she was left alone in a foreign country with a few words of English and my father having to work all the time to make ends meet. No one to cook her the comforting meals from Morocco, or wash her, close her bones, talk to her, stroke her hair… nothing.

What an honour and a privilege.

To be an ambassador of my country for the good of others.

What an honour and a privilege.

For me to also make a living, doing what I truly love and enjoy.

What an honour and a privilege.

To be here, serving you all.

So, we would love to know why you do what you do? Hit reply and let us know :)

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With lots of love, kindness and blessings,

Layla B. xoxo

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