Traditional Midwives Were The Healers!

Hello Soul Sisters!

I pray you are well.

This weekend I was sick. Just out of the blue I woke up on Sunday with a funny tummy, aches and tired. I left my work and relaxed as much as I could.

With the help of Netflix and a Turkish series I am following, I passed the time and feel better now.

The Turkish series I am watching is based on the history many hundreds of years ago and I love examining all the traditional clothes, lifestyle and of course anything related to birth, postpartum and midwives.

I noticed that anytime someone was sick they would call the midwife. The midwives role was not only surrounding birth and postpartum, but she also had the esteemed role of a healer. This immediately reminded me of Qabla Rahma. Qabla means traditional midwife in Arabic and Morocco is still blessed to have a few.

Qabla Rahma comes from a long and ancient lineage of healers and qablas. She inherited her role from her mother in law and has served women ever since she was a young girl. The beautiful thing is that her mother-in-law served my grandmother and many of my aunts in Morocco, which definitely gives me a closer connection to her. Qabla Rahma not only supports women during birth and postpartum, she also helps women with any womb issues they may be facing. Short, sweet and always wearing her traditional black outer garment, Qabla Rahma concocts her own traditional medicines using herbs to ingest, pessaries, womb cupping, womb steaming and bodywork.

She is a rare gem that is hard to find elsewhere and also becoming extinct, as the new generations do not follow this path. I have had the blessings to sit with her, learn with her, share with her and share with the world. I am protective of her too, because as I reclaim this knowledge and try hard for it not to be appropriated in any way, I pray that will be the case.

The most important thing for me is to give back.

I remember in 2018 when I was on my Tribal Sisterhood Retreat in Morocco with women from around the world… we were visiting Chefchaouen, the hometown of my family. One woman said I can not see why anyone would not be happy here, it is so beautiful and amazing.

See the thing is. It is such a beautiful and amazing land and Chefchouen has become a tourist destination with people coming from borders miles away. Yet, what tourists do not see is the poverty. As tourists you will see the beautiful blue walls, the children playing in the street, the hospitable people smiling with you and being kind. However, what you do not see is the struggle.

The struggle is real.

There is a lot of poverty in all of Morocco and I never ever have to search for an international charity to donate money too, because as soon as I ask my parents that I want to donate money to women/children in Morocco…a quick and long list is made of people from Chefchouen.

So, this work is also important to me as it has provided me with the blessing to give back.

When I sit with the qablas, firstly I pay them a very good wage. Then, I keep donating money to them and giving back. From this month, I will be offering them (4 women) a monthly income to support them with whatever they need. The qablas also struggle to make ends meet as their jobs do not provide much (or any) income. We also have offered 2 full scholarships to our tribal sisterhood retreat and 3 full scholarships to The Nafsa Project School (online course) will be offered in March. We have also ordered and purchased over 250 traditional Moroccan cloths used in the postpartum from an elder man who custom makes each one by hand on a loom. In order to support his craft, we never negotiated the price with him and in fact we increased the price.

Please know that this information is not to show off. Actually, I prefer to keep any good deed a secret, however it is in the aim of sharing the reality of things and knowing that we can all make a difference. Also that we need to take care of these elders and give back to them, not just take.

So, if you feel called to learn more about these traditions and reclaiming the postpartum...

I am proud to announce that the RECLAIM THE POSTPARTUM, FREE 5-day training challenge is here! It will take place from March 1-5th 2019 online and totally free.

The aim is to learn new sacred (and implementable) traditional postpartum techniques & rituals to change the international postpartum vibe, one new mother at a time, while enriching your soul and growing your 5 days.

When the free challenge starts, you will get an email every day with the training video to watch. Then you can share the task in our FB group and join the live webinar on March 5th.

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We will be offering 3 fully paid scholarships to THE NAFSA PROJECT SCHOOL online certification training, based on traditional Moroccan postpartum medicine, to 3 women who join the RTP challenge, show up, participate and join the live webinar.

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