By Layla B.

Enrollment closed. Re-opening March 2019.

online 'indigenous & traditional postpartum birthworker' certification training

indigenous & Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine

الدواء المغربي التقليدي للنفساء

Created & Curated by Layla B.
(with support from traditional Qablas- midwives/receivers)

You want to revive, reclaim and restore traditional postpartum traditions!

You want to support new mothers holistically and traditionally.

You want to be part of an inclusive sisterhood with women from all around the world!

You are so passionate about womens choices in birth and the postpartum.

You want new mothers to be treated as new mothers and spread the word about the 40 day traditions!

You want to be part of a tribe and change the international postpartum vibe, one new mother at a time!

You want to start or grow your business and make a big impact in the world!

If you feel the calling join us on our journey and let's change the world together!

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