Today, be part of changing the international postpartum vibe, one new mother at a time; while enhancing your own life and business!




The first online 'Traditional Postpartum Birth Worker' certification training.
Based on Indigenous Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine for all women around the world.

الدواء المغربي التقليدي للنفساء

Created & Curated by Layla B.
(with support from traditional Qablas- midwives/receivers)

By the end of this program,
you will have:

  • Deep knowledge on the culture of Morocco and postpartum traditions from the source
  • Skills to offer an authentic and healing postpartum bath (hamam) services with womb (vaginal) steaming using specific products and herbs
  • An abundance of cooking recipes and videos to nourish new mothers (and your own families)
  • Skills to offer closing of the bones using traditional cloths and belly binding
  • Real insight into the way the new mother is celebrated in Morocco and how to replicate that
  • Been part of reviving, reclaiming, restoring and re-membering these traditions
  • The ability to support new mothers holistically
  • An international sisterhood to support you
  • Certificate as a Traditional Postpartum Birthworker
  • A unique & ancient set of skills to add to your business, increase your income and impact more women
The Nafsa Project School

Enrollment closes in:

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Enrollment opening in August 2019

“The Nafsa Project School has enriched my life in so many ways!

As an indigenous birth worker, it is very important for me to understand how women across the world have not only survived but thrived through birth over the centuries. Learning traditional Moroccan postpartum medicine has given me extensive insight into how to fully honor mothers during a 40-day period. TNPS not only taught me the how, but the why and by whom. I learned of Morocco’s rich history, diverse influence, and unique location and was able to visualize clearly how all these elements together formed a legacy of honoring the Nafsa (new mother)…and for this I am eternally grateful!”

— Jacquelyn Clemmons, Owner of De La Luz Wellness


what is the nafsa project school?


The Nafsa Project School is an online, interactive video based training that teaches ancient and sacred Moroccan medicine of how to support a new mother's healing journey and certify as a Traditional Posptartum Birthworker from The Nafsa Project School(TNPS) by Layla B.

The training is based on Indigenous and Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine and Healing, straight from the source, focusing on the 'larbeen' الأربعين (forty days) of the Nafsa (new mother)! This course is for birthkeepers, health and pre/post natal professionals & all women who feel a calling.

A Nafsa (نفساء) is an Arabic word which means a woman who has recently given birth and the period following it, approximately the first forty days. In the Moroccan dialect she is called a 'Nfisa'. In English, the best word that relates to a Nafsa would be 'Puerperal', coming from the Latin word Puerpera: a woman who has recently given birth to a child.


Whether you are already a postpartum doula, birthkeeper and/or a woman with a desire to delve deep into a mystical and healing world to support new mothers today, just as they were being supported many years ago, this is the place for you where you have the option to receieve our certification.

A traditional postpartum doula is different to a postpartum doula. She not only offers general support and care for the baby/mother; but supports the new mother by welcoming her, honouring her, nourishing her, nurturing her, closing her and celebrating her using ancient rituals and sacred wisdom. This course goes deep into the emotional and physical support for the new mother and explores the ancient healing medicine of Morocco through theoretical and practical modules.

You will have the esteemed role of being the traditional qabla (receiever) for the new mother and welcoming her on her new healing journey with love, compassion, nurture, nourishment and care.


This course is based on wise wisdom and sacred traditions from the indigenous people of Morocco and is different to any course, because we also work directly with traditional qablas, always give back to them, we are appropriation-free, and teach real life care from the heart and soul.

It stems from the desire to revive, reclaim and restore traditional Moroccan postpartum healing and provide women with holistic support that they need and deserve as Nafsas (new mothers).

The course is based on the 6 stages of traditional healing: Welcome Her, Honour Her, Nourish Her, Nurture Her, Close Her and Celebrate Her.

The knowledge is very sacred.

It spans generations and centuries, coming from wise women, elders, and traditional qablas (receivers/midwives).

It is deeply rooted in the strong Moroccan culture, orally and physically passed down from woman to woman, sister to sister; for generations.

The Kingdom of Morocco is a diverse, beautiful and mystical land. Luckily, Morocco still has strong cultural traditions, folklore, some traditional Qablas (midwives) and healers. Albeit, with a past of colonialism, fast development and modernisation; traditional qablas and the first forty days postpartum rest period are fast on the decline.



How does the nafsa project school work?


  • Take the online course and then certify as a Traditional Postpartum Birth-worker by TNPS and start offering traditional postpartum doula services to new mothers in your community.

    (There are a range of different services you can offer, read the FAQ's at the end of the page for information on what a traditional postpartum doula is and more).

The training is based on 6 core modules, which consist of easy-to-follow videos (and audio), supporting documents, checklists and workbooks by Layla B. and demonstrations by traditional Moroccan qablas (midwives).

Once you register you will get immediate access to the welcome module and ALL the bonuses. Modules 1-6 will be released weekly (OVER 8 WEEKS). After all modules are released you will have access to the membership site forever with all the content. You can take the course at your own pace, at the comfort of your home, whenever you like.

All of the training is online, contained in the private member only site. You can view the training videos/materials as much as you like and connect with other like-minded women in our private FB group.

You will have access to the members only page with all the training materials and any future updates and additions; forever.


Course agenda

Week 1
Module 1 (Theory):
Morocco & Her Medicine
Week 2
Module 2 (Theory):
Welcome & Honour Her
Week 3
Module 3 (Practical):
Nourish Her
Week 4
Week 5
Module 4 (Practical):
Nurture Her
Week 6
Module 5 (Practical):
Close Her
Week 7
Module 6 (Experiential):
Celebrate Her
Week 8
Implementation & Graduation

A sample of our alumni

In my search I found Layla’s course and i cant thank her and her team enough for the resources and knowledge they have provided us with. I am now able to mother new mothers with love from my heart and knowledge and offer services such as closing the bones, nourishing foods for the new mother, this knowledge and practice is most definetly priceless.

— Arooj

Layla's initiatives to help her homeland's keepers of birth such as the Qablas and other women in her community allows us to learn without any appropriation risk.
Closing of the bones ceremony is not only beneficial to the woman's body but nurtures her soul and allows her to recover spiritually. I've learned a lot and cannot wait to use it to celebrate women and heal them.

— Baida

I want to express how much I have really enjoyed studying traditions through the Nafsa Project School. It is beautifully organized, easy to navigate, rich, and requires deep reflection on the incredible importance of this work and the need to support women that have given birth on so many levels. I am overall very satisfied and grateful to be a part of the this launch of a course that will contribute to changing the way in which women are cared for postpartum across the globe.

— Imara

After having my bones closed by a fellow Doula I really hoped for the opportunity to offer this service to my own clients and so was really pleased when you announced this course. It was very interesting to see the similarities and variations between the Moroccan technique and other communities.

— Jane

I came across this beautiful course and became very emotional and knew that there was a calling. The next day I joined the TNPS sisterhood. I am throughly enjoying the course, it is very informative and interesting with lots and lots of extra free learning webinars. Layla has provided so much information and I love listening to her narrate the modules. I have found that there is a real need for this service in Australia, as most new mothers, Nafsa, have not even heard of such a thing as forty days bed rest. I highly recommend this beautiful, educational and loving course. So much love and gratitude to you Layla B, for bringing this to the world.

— Angelina

Joining the TNPS was such a great decision for me on both a personal as a professional level, being a midwife and post partum care specialist with North African roots. I have learned so much from Layla B and the wonderful Qablas from Morocco, sharing ancient wisdom, knowledge and traditions. With the new skills learned from the TNPS and all the background knowledge -which is as important as learning the skills- I'll be offering these services in my community from this spring on and will be able to serve the new mothers in a more complementary, holistic way. It is a wonderful addition to the Dutch post partum care (called 'kraamzorg') to expand the care beyond the first 8-10 days with more tools and ways to honor, nourish and celebrate the Nafsa. I look forward spreading this in a non appropriative way to serve the new mothers the way they need and deserve, and with that also support the community who has opened up to us and shares this with us all.

— Marjolein


Why now & why you need it?

I stood on the airstairs feeling the warm sunshine on my face. Blue skies spread over me, the smell of the ocean humidity in the air – a familiar smell from my home: Morocco.

I walked down the stairs of the airplane onto the tarmac and even with the chaos of towing three children behind me, I managed to enjoy that single moment of relief, a split second to recognize that I was on my land, Tangier, once again.

I was a nfissa, a new mother for the third time and this was the time that I was going to make sure that I had a postpartum experience similar to my ancestors. I had been studying with traditional Moroccan qablas or midwives, learning the welcoming and healing rituals for new mothers.

We made our way to the car park where my uncle Jamal was waiting for us in his car, wearing his green djellaba, traditional dress and stroking his long beard with streaks of white.

We settled in at home and a few days later, I opened the door and was greeted by the familiar face of Qabla (traditional midwife) Amina and her daughter Nabila, bringing an immediate sense of relief to my heart. I had been living abroad in the UK and the UAE since I was eighteen, so any chance to be home and see familiar faces of women deeply rooted in their culture always provides instant relief. We hugged and kissed each other on opposite cheeks over and over again, asking about family and the children.

Then the magic happened.

Nabila began preparing a nourishing warming meal in the kitchen and the aromas spread throughout the home and into our hearts; while Qabla Amina offered me a sacred steam bath with natural herbs, a closing of my bones and belly bind.

This was the day that I knew I had to share this sacred knowledge with the world; respectfully and with blessings.

I knew that the traditional nurturing, womb steams, herbs, nourishing food, closing, binding and celebrating was a right upon every new mother around the world.


What's inside
The nafsa project school?


Welcoming You


The first thing we will do is welcome you onto the journey and introduce you into The Nafsa Project School. As soon as you sign up, you will get an email with the log in details to access the Welcome module.

This module looks at:

  • Why The Nafsa Project School & Course Info

  • Story of traditional midwives

  • Resource List

  • Access to bonuses

  • Course Agenda


    Morocco & Her Medicine

    المغرب و دوائها

    The beauty of this course is learning from Moroccan women, from the culture and direct from the source. Before diving into the content, we need to understand the history (herstory) of Morocco, its people and traditions.

    In this module we look at:

    • The story of Morocco

    • Appropriation

    • The first 40 days

    • The 6 stages of traditional Moroccan postpartum healing

    • Why we need this NOW!


    Welcome & Honour Her

    كرّمها و رحّب بها

    We have a traditional saying in Morocco that the nafsa's (new mother's) grave is open for forty days. That is because she is vulnerable and needs a lot of support to heal; emphasising her importance and her healing as a priority. So many new mother's are left alone with absolutely no support, suffering from postpartum depression, loneliness, isolation and in the worst cases committing suicide. We need to change this and it starts with welcoming her, honouring her, respecting her and knowing her importance in the world.

    This module looks at:

  • Who is the nafsa (new mother)?

  • Why should we welcome & honour the new mother?

  • How she is traditionally welcomed & honoured in Morocco

  • Natural Plant Medicine in Morocco


    Nourish Her


    Food - a universal language - plays an important role is most cultures and countries. Morocco is defnitely no exception and its cuisine is world-renowned, aromatic, hearty, warming, nourishing and filled with love. With influences from Amazigh, Andalusian Spain, sub-Saharan Africa, Arabia and the Mediterannean; Morocco’s cuisine is a delicious combination of mouthwatering flavours that make it unique.

    In Morocco, food is an important part of the culture and life, it brings people together and usually shared by the family on one large plate, using their hands to eat all the goodness.

    Spices and herbs are the stars in Moroccan cuisine and using them correctly is an art and an adventure.

    In this workshop we will explore:

  • Introduction to Moroccan cuisine.

  • Exploring Moroccan food

  • Cooking for the new mother

  • How the nafsa (new mother) is nourished in Morocco

  • Qablas take on nourish her

  • 25 (easy to follow) video recipes of how to make the most famous and nourishing Moroccan meals and drinks. Along with our pdf cookbook which has vegetarian and vegan options.


    Nurture Her

    اعتني بها

    Nurture (verb): to care for or protect (someone or something).

    A traditional Moroccan midwife said that the new mother was treated like a bride. Meaning, that she was taken care of, pampered and protected. It is amazing that when we look at other cultures around the world we see how they also use traditional practices to heal the new mother. They all involve, in some way or the other, warmth, heat, herbs, closing, binding and support. Clearly they must be doing something right, to have countries worlds-apart, offering very similar (yet different) practices, because they know the wisdom of sacred medicine.

    The Moroccan hamam (steam bath) is a cultural experience, opportunity to wash, socialise and a form of healing. Just like the bride, the new mother, is taken to the hamam with other women. She is washed, scrubbed, massaged, rubbed and steamed. The hamam is also replicated at home and can be offered 3-4 times in the first week alone, providing a lot of warmth and healing. The hamam is normally followed by closing of the bones, belly binding, hot mint tea, dates and nourishing food, of course!

    This module will explore:

  • How the nafsa (new mother) is nurtured in Morocco

  • What is the Moroccan hamam

  • The materials and ingerdients needed for the hamam

  • How to prepare the ceremonial tray

  • Step by step videos of how to offer the hamam (you do not need to have access to a hamam, a bath or shower room will do)

  • Womb steaming


    Close Her

    شدّيها و ضمّيها

    Closing of the bones is a sacred ritual/ceremony/bodywork with the aim to 'close' the new mother after birth to facilitate the body in returning to its pre-pregnancy state, support the muscles and joints, aid the organs and womb to get back into their place and healing the new mother from head to toe.

    Moroccan closing is normally offered after the hamam/bath, from head to toe, using a traditional cloth (handmade using wool or cotton) and the mother is wrapped and pulled together. It provides a sense of protection, warmth, closing space and a relaxing sensation to the body. The whole body is hugged and the closing slowly alleviates any pelvic instability, aches, and tiredness in the body. The closing is normally done 3-4 times in the first week alone to make the most of it and provide optimal recovery. It is then followed by a rub/massage on the legs while laying on each side and then the belly binding using the same cloth.

    This module examines:

  • Intro to closing the bones and belly binding in Morocco

  • The materials needed for the closing

  • How it is offered and set up

  • 5 Videos of closing of the bones (step by step)

  • Qablas take on closing the new mother

  • Belly binding video

  • Traditional songs to use for the closing


    Celebrate Her

    احتفلي بها

    The nafsa (new mother) is celebrated during pregnancy and after the baby is born. She is celebrated through rituals, ceremonies, prayers and the support and care she is given.

    Apart from the ceremonial bath, sacred closing and healing steams, the new mother is celebrated with new clothes, henna, kohl, naming ceremony, sisterhood parties, dancing and ululating.

    In this module we discover:

  • Why the new mother is celebrated

  • How she is celebrated in Morocco

  • What kind of ceremonies you can offer

  • Video of the celebration of a new mother in Chefchouen

  • Who should join this course?

    All women who

    What you'll get

      (Course Value of £2,997)
    • Digital Course Manual
    • Optional Reading List
    • All 6 modules (plus welcome module)
    • Implementation weeks
    • Students membership site access(forever access)!
    • Access to any updates and future resources added to the course
    • Access to materials to teach community workshops in the near future
    • All the bonuses
    • All the online course materials and supporting content
    • Ability to purchase your starter kit at a discounted price
    • Listing on our website directory once you certify
    • Discount and first dibs on any masterminds, events and business mentoring
    • We provide our logo and professional marketing materials to use for your business once you certify.
    • Digital certificate once you certify
    • Appropriation-free learning & a sisterhood

    Plus these juicy bonuses to
    further support your journey

    (Hover over each title to get more information)


    Facebook Community Group

    You will have access to our students-only private Facebook group, to engage together, build connections and gain support.

    (Value £997)


    Business Building Masterclass

    A special business masterclass plus 2 e-books and workbooks to support you in creating more influence, income and impact in your business and life.

    (Value £697)


    Bringing it to life workshop

    A workshop to support you in arranging the plentiful services you can offer new mothers and guidance on pricing.

    (Value £297)


    Sisters Circle Discussion

    A beautiful pre-recorded video of a discussion between international birth-workers and traditional qablas at our retreat in Morocco. Our students love this video.

    (Value £197)


    Sacred Postpartum Summit access pass

    Get free immediate access to the 2018 online Sacred Postpartum Summit with over 20 video interviews and lessons.

    (Value £1,997)


    6 Live Q&A sessions

    6 live Q&A sessions (over 8 weeks) with Layla B. inside the private facebook group to support and enhance your learning.

    (Value £697)


    And this extra bonus if you pay in full!


    2019 Sacred Postpartum Summit Access pass

    As soon as the SP summit 2019 launches you will get full immediate access, for free and forever. Over 15 interviews and video lessons.

    (Value £1,997)


    When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of £7,879...

    But because we are super excited to welcome you into The Nafsa Project School and reclaim the postpartum together, we are offering the program at the special EARLY BIRD price of just...

    3 monthly payments of
    a one-time payment of

    Elvira's Video Testimonial


    We will be donating 5% from all net profits to our Mothers of Morocco fund; supporting sustainable projects in education, training and business to keep the sacred medicine alive and improve/change the medicalised birth culture.


    meet your hostess

    I am Layla B., a Moroccan mother, on a mission to revive, reclaim, resotre and discover... Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine.

    My background has always been in business, events, marketing, banking, charity work and entrepreneurship. I never ever once imagined that I would be in the 'birth' world, but with passion anything is possible.

    After the birth of my first child in January 2014, my negative experience led me to learn more about positive birth options and I trained as a childbirth educator, doula, baby massage instructor, hypnobirthing teacher, active birth facilitator and studied with traditional postpartum midwives in Morocco.

    My desire to combine my business background with the birth world merged well together, which led me to found and organise international conferences, trainings, workshops and retreats.

    I know that when women get together and stand together, great things happen and we can empower, educate and encourage one another.

    My main focus now is on traditional Moroccan postpartum traditions; learning more with the local wise women and qablas, curating my tribal sisterhood retreat in Morocco where we learn and experience these traditions and writing a book about it all to keep the knowledge alive.



    No appropriation was ever done in the making of this course. I, Layla B., am Moroccan, I have lived there, now travel there yearly and my grandmothers and ancestors are Moroccan. All my knowledge is from my experiences, the wise women in my life, the wise women and elders I meet in Morocco and of course the traditional qablas I work with. All the traditional qablas have offered their blessings to share their knowledge worldwide, they are featured on our videos, we say their names, they are paid well and we always give back to them regularly.

    By taking this course, your heart can be in peace knowing that you were actually part of reviving, reclaiming and restoring sacred knowledge and not appropriating it. Knowing that you are giving back to poor communities and traditional midwives from taking this course.

    Knowing that you are learning directly from the source and making a difference to women's lives in a positive, ethical and real empowering way.

    ready to invest in yourself?

    So my sister, are you joining us for the journey?



    We have a no-refund policy. The reason being is that the material is all very sacred, therefore we want to avoid anyone joining the course, taking the information they want and then claiming a refund and appropriating the knowledge.
    Therefore, please make sure you want to join the course.
    We have provided all the info you need on this sales page and FAQ’s, plus you can contact us if you need any more details.
    What you read, is what you will get and so much more!
    Please read all the terms and conditions here:
    GBP, Great British Currency is used. Your card will automatically convert to the exchange rate and we will receive GBP.
    No problem. You can pay via paypal, but ONLY if you are paying in full. Send the full payment amount to the paypal: Put your full name as the reference and email us to let us know when payment is made. (Email: Please do not send money as part of the payment plan as it will be refunded. Email us with any concerns. Thank you
    Traditionally, we did not need to use these terms or need to hire external paid support, as families, neighbors and friends were there to help the new mother transition into her new role, which was only to be a new mother.
    As things have changed in our time, the need for a doula/birth worker is absolutely important.
    Traditional postpartum doulas and bithworkers support women emotionally, physically and with sound information to help the new mother in being welcomed, honored, nourished, nurtured, closed and celebrated throughout her first 40 days and beyond.
    Therefore, whatever terms you use to describe your role is not important, it is important that this support is available to women the world over.
    Fantastic. That is great, I am sure you have amazing skills and this course will definitely enhance and complement them.
    The sacred information and knowledge we are sharing on The Nafsa Project School is advanced and has never been shared before and will therefore only enhance you previous training, provide traditional healing ways to support new mothers, provide an extra ‘string to your bow’, and a new business opportunity to make more money and serve more women.
    The more training, skills and knowledge we have; the more we can serve and support women, as in any industry.
    This course is for all women. Women ready to serve. Women ready to learn. Women who want a international community and care about the women sharing this sacred wisdom.
    Traditionally, all women used to have this knowledge passed on to them, whether they worked in the industry or not.
    So, if you are a woman with an interest, a mother, a postpartum doula, doula, midwife, yoga teacher, herbalist, massage instructor, hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing instructor, childbirth educator, psychologist, massage giver, womb woman, fertility specialist or ANYTHING else… as long as you love women, want to support them holistically, respect the culture, want to connect with an international community and ready to be amazed, then this is the place for you :)
    Of course you can. All my work is very international and I have women from all around the world at all my conferences, retreats, live events, online courses, summits and more.
    The course is also fully online, so all you need is an internet connection and you can join from anywhere in the whole wide world!
    You will also be able to download the materials, so even if your internet connection is not stable or you do not have one all the time, that is fine, if you can download all the materials first.
    That is fine, if you can read and understand English then you do not have to be fluent.
    My tribe is full of women from all over the world so naturally English is not their first language.
    As long as you can understand then you will be ok. You could also get the materials translated in your native language if you wish.
    All materials will also be available as text and video.
    100% absolutely yes.
    No appropriation was done in the making of this course or any of our work and no appropriation is allowed by anyone else taking this course.
    Yes, this course is inclusive to ALL WOMEN whoever and wherever you are.
    Giving back is something that Layla B is very passionate about and this is at the forefront of what we do. We always pay the women who teach us new things a very high wage for their services, along with getting their blessings, we also continue to provide donations to these women on an ongoing basis. We also sponsor girls with their education and order traditional cloths from the artisans directly and pay them more than what they ask.

    The online world lets us do that!

    Yes, we do!
    We have a 3 month payment plan if you need it.
    The doula industry is not certified or regulated by any regulatory body, so all the trainings are the same, as you do not need to have any formal accreditation to be a doula and/or postpartum doula.
    This course is created by me, Layla B., (and with knowledge of traditoinal midwives in Morocc) and certified by my business (not any formal body). It is based on sacred traditional knowledge and wisdom, therefor we are not seeking any 'formal' certification in any case.
    The only reason why this course is 'certified' is because:

    1. We want to avoid appropriation. Therefore we know everyone who is on the course and those who wish to serve women will follow the guidelines and be listed on our directory.

    2. We want you to get the best support and to serve yourselves and your clients correctly, that is why you will have some case studies and reflections to do before you can start serving.

    3. We always want to give back, therefore as you will be working through us, we have a annual 57GBP fee and most of it goes to the Mothers of Morocco fund and to traditional midwives.

    4. To keep getting continual support and updates from us.
    You will get immediate access to the Welcome Module and the bonuses. Then from March 17th you will get a module each week along with 2 implementation weeks (total of 8 weeks). However, it is all online, so once a module launches you can access it forever... so no need to worry about any dates.

    No problem, you can take the course, and you do not need to do any of the work to certify.

    However, you will not be able to offer these services to other women unless you certify.
    As a traditional postpartum birthworker, you may offer a range of different services to new mothers, women who may have birthed many years ago, women who experienced loss and anyone else who wants them.

    You can add them to your exisiting skills or you can create an additional/new business.

    Here are some of the services and packages:

    - Postpartum doula services (on an hourly basis, or as a package)
    - Traditional Belly binding (as a one-off service or part of a package)
    - Womb/Vaginal steams (as a one-off service or part of a package)
    - Nourish Her Services - cooking (as a one-off service or part of a package)
    - Nurture Her services - ceremonial hamam (as a one-off service or part of a package)
    - Closing Ceremony - includes the hamam, womb steam, closing of bones and belly binding (as a one-off service or part of a package)
    - Closing of the Bones (as a one-off service or part of a package)
    - Celebrate Her services - the closing ceremony, plus nourishing food, tea ceremony, beautifying, inviting friends and holding space for the new mother.
    By the end of 2019 you will also be able to offer our postpartum educational workshop, so soon-to-be-mothers can prepare for their postpartum period and the first forty days while pregnant.

    If you have other trainings, such as breastfeeding support and/or newborn baby care and anything else, you could always add that into your work and offer different packages.

    You have many options as to how you work, whether on an hourly basis, a weekly/monthly contract, stand-alone services, or anything else.

    One of the bonus modules will be looking at the types of packages you can offer and create for your clients.

    - Complete the online course
    - Complete 1 Case Study for a postpartum woman (regardless of when or how she gave birth). You will offer her the full closing ceremony which includes the hamam/bath, womb steam, closing of bones and belly binding.
    - Complete a reflection form on our website (including the experience of the case study)
    - Sign the agreement form, which will include the terms and conditions

    You will then be featured on our online directory on our website and ready to offer paid services to women as a TNPS Traditional Postpartum Birthworker.

    You will get your digital certificate and some marketing materials to use.

    You will also be able to order (for money) your starter kit, which will include the products, wraps, cloths featured on the course, if you want it.

    No re-certification fees and no time limit to certify :)

    - You can offer a range of services to women in your community
    - This can create a new business opportunity for you or add to an existing one
    - Wealth of ancient traditional knowledge
    - You will be featured on our directory
    - You can identify as a TNPS Traditional Postpartum Birthworker
    - You will be able to use our logo and marketing materials
    - You will have support from us and other women in the private FB group
    - You will have the opportunity for future business support
    - You will be advertised by us when suitable
    - You will be able to teach pregnant mothers/couples our postpartum educational workshop: TNPS - The 6 stages of traditional postpartum healing (this will be available for you late 2019, you will get pre-prepared materials and video recipes to share with your clients)

    We absolutely LOVE live trainings and workshops!

    But we also love how technology has allowed us to share very easily and across the globe. Layla B. currently lives in Dubai and it is not easy to travel worldwide and reach lots of women and support new mothers across the globe.

    The online world lets us do that!

    Yes! Layla is a business mentor and has run several businesses and projects successfuly.

    During the Q&A sessions you will be able to ask any questions you need support with. There is also a free bonus business building webinar.

    Absolutely not. This is your business and you are free to charge the rates you want.

    Of course we will provide a guideline of what we have been charging in the past, but it is your decision.

    However, if you are running a business and want to make money, we will always advise you to charge rates that you are happy with and provide a good income for you too.

    Yes, 100% in English

    For more info please click on the orange 'contact us' button to submit questions.